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Congratulations to Cangzhou Company for being top 10 companies in Fragrance & Flavor Industry

Date:2016-10-28 14:29

澳洲幸运5计划 In June 6,2014,the top 10 companies in Fragrance & Flavor Industry in 2013 was published by China National Light Industry Council and China Association of Fragrance Flavor and Cosmetic Industries. Yinghai (Cangzhou) Aroma Chemical Company Ltd. was one of the top 10, ranked sixth.

The results was produced by 4+X evaluation system, which included main business income, total profits, profit and tax rate of main business income. Industry associations can add other evaluation index X according to the industry characteristics to appraise companies.

To encourage companies to use information technology and enhance the product added value, China light Industry Association add business development ability and R&D innovative ability as evaluation criteria to appraise the companies which want to gain the top 100 title. This is different from the years before. Business development ability will be evaluated by the development of E-commercial and marketing channel. R&D innovative ability will be evaluated by investment of R&D. The results will be confirmed by Industry association, and validated by China Light Industry Council.

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